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"the greatest expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. We invite you on such an undertaking."


I do - you watch

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Abilene 20/20 hindsight

Slow down. Look closely. What can you learn from another's lesson?



"Dataism is a new ethical system that says, yes, humans were special and important because up until now they were the most sophisticated data processing system in the universe, but this is no longer the case. The tipping point is when you have an external algorithm that understands you—your feelings, emotions, choices, desires—better than you understand them yourself. That’s the point when there is the switch from amplifying humans to making them redundant."

"Take Google Maps or Waze. On the one hand they amplify human ability—you are able to reach your destination faster and more easily. But at the same time you are shifting the authority to the algorithm and losing your ability to find your own way."

"When you talk about God and religion, in the end it’s all a question of authority. What is the highest source of authority that you turn to when you have a problem in your life? A thousand years ago you’d turn to the church. Today, we expect algorithms to provide us with the answer—who to date, where to live, how to deal with an economic problem. So more and more authority is shifting to these corporations."

Can we opt out?

"The simplest answer is no. It will become extremely difficult to unplug, and it has to do with health care, which will increasingly rely on internet-connected sensors. People will be willing to give up privacy in exchange for medical services that tell you the first day cancer cells start spreading in your body. So we might reach a point when it will be impossible to disconnect."


Who makes more money, the platform owners like Sergey Brin with Google/YouTube or the content creators with a million subscriber channel?

That's a easy question! The owners make much more than the creators.

What if you could skip the decade, and risk, of creating your own platform and start now and from where you are at?

Got you covered!

87% of all new ventures in the USA are started by a solo entrepreneur. The Small Business Administration (SBA) guarentees business loans based on a review of a business plan from their decades of insight and regulation. 56% of their loans default because there's something more than money needed to sustain a business.

Venture money is abundant. Problem is, there's an agenda and a common strategy to make a better deal for the investors than the founder(s) get.

You don't have to go-it-alone, and you don't have to take vulture capital. Reversing business mortality rates has been proven with a minyan-like model. You'll experience that with 360MEN.



The emerging AI is gender neutral. That's fine for lane control, but a terrible practice for social issues. AI almost knows us better than we know ourselves already. It already 'recommends' purchases and social replies.

Adoption and transformation are underway. The question we're asking is to what degree we might bias AIs recommendations by adding the masculine perspective to it's training set (a corpus) while it is 'growing up'. AI hasn't yet decided our destiny. But like our children, we can expect to be treated as children (or pets) based on how we raised our own children into adulthood. So far it isn't going so well for men.

demo of Google gender neutrality

Platform ownership isn't limited to the rich or powerful. Business home-runs are mostly a matter of timing: right place, right time. Daniel Comp has been pioneering 'digital franchising' for nearly two decades in order to demonstrate it with 360MEN and 'white-labeled' under your own brand and mission. The process is similar to organizing a physical expedition. It's not nearly as complicated as creating your own enterprise from scratch, but it requires you to not go-it-alone.

360MEN National syndication and digital 'franchising'

360MEN Arizona syndication and digital 'franchising'

There are numerous social support models and consensus building platforms which leverage 'hive' or 'tribe' insights. All of them have a 'private' space for discussion and voting. 360MEN also has peer recognition, collaboration and a 'master-mind'. The relationships are proven over time with degrees of trust and engagement. By finding, growing and testing relationships, practices and outcomes, men reverse their odds of failure by oversight - be it a single decision or a process like a book/vlog series.

Daniel's evidence