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No mater how accomplished and successful you are there's room for personal growth. The challenge of finding your way on your own is substantial so 360MEN take on their 'personal Everest' together. You'll have 24/7 access to everyone in non-public quorum and with select leaders for 1-on-1 private support. Our goal is to guide you past self-awareness into self-understanding and onto self-actualization.

Call it a minyan, a tribe or a master-mind, the guys are here to listen, suggest, vote and connect you with answers, insights and opportunities.

Tony Robbins shares that no mater how much money a guy has he still thirsts for significance. You can find mature men in most breakfast and coffee shops sharing insights and lessons. 360MEN can add a much larger audience for your stories by syndicating your videos and articles across a metro, region or the entire United States.

INCOME generation

Consider acting as a 360MEN scout. Your network likely has men that need what 360MEN offers. When you refer a new member you get a really nice commission. If they qualify for a 360MEN digital franchise we'll upgrade the commission to a RESIDUAL income!

If you have good communication skills and some time then you might like earning income by helping guys transcribe their videos, writing a targeted digest and syndicating that creative in their market. If this sounds interesting then consider writing on a per article contract with us.

How are your video production skills? You can earn income for shooting and editing videos right from your smart phone. You might do this separately, or combined with scouting and article creative.


Getting your message out is a challenge from both a cost and talent perspective. We've got you covered. We have both national and state-wide on-line syndications for video and articles that have substantial page rank value. You can stick your toes in the water by re-purposing as little as $299 for BOTH a video and an article. Amazing!

Social media has a lot of promise, and a steep learning curve. 360MEN will teach you step-by-step how to exponentially scale your relationship network with quality men. You can do this yourself or have us take that burden off your shoulders.

We've been delivering custom solutions that scale companies since 1997. We're working on AI now, so you can imagine there's a bunch of tools we can demonstrate for your consideration. For examples - digital franchising or private syndications.


Membership Packages

SCOUT 10/mo

  • $100 setup
  • Personal experience
  • Access to the Authors
  • Ideation and Discussions
  • Recognition for contribution
  • Introduce Yourself


  • 360MEN digital franchise
  • $15K setup
  • $500 monthly utility
  • Exclusive 360MEN metro
  • 97 geo/city websites
  • Unlimited video syndication
  • Unlimited article syndication
  • Contact Us


  • $150K setup
  • $1500 monthly utility
  • Custom Branded Digital Franchise
  • Custom Branded LiveCopy
  • Custom Branded Syndicator
  • Open a Dialog

Motivation: the motives we take action on.
Zig Ziglar


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